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Monday, 16 December 2013

Mumbai - The City Never Sleeps

How many of us have made plans, which were never planned of. Don't get confused, let me start off with one of such numerous occasions which happened this weekend.

This Sunday i.e. on 15th night I was awake late night till early morning 4am when I and my roomie thought about having a walk to nearby Borivali station to have a cup of tea.

We started from my rented flat in Mumbai walking in the cool, chilly and deserted road. Reaching station, our almost chapped lips found some relief with the cup of hot tea. " Been 4yrs in Mumbai and I havent yet visited Marine drive early morning", I said. This thought came randomly and I asked my roomie Venkat if we could go to Marine drive. And Venkat said " lets go". We boarded a 4:30am train to Church-gate. And on the way we kept laughing about the last minute plan to take a walk at marine drive. We reached Churchgate station in an hour and filled up our tummy with nice omelet pao.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Euro Trip Day 3 : Florence & Venice Island

It was 8th May, and our usual daily schedule of early morning wake up, breakfast and leaving for a superb destination.

 This time it was Venice. Its called the most romantic place on Earth. All it made me visualize it till today was islands , romance and gondolla rides. Makes some romantic song jingle in your mind hmmm ??  Well it was beyond expectation and me being single, I guess I couldn't make it a 100% enjoyable :D  Just kidding...

On the way to Venice we did got to see beautiful view of Florence which was amazing. Though we had to manage with the distant view, that enough was a treat to watch. 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Adventure & SAFETY


You might find this article an offbeat one, comparing it to my other articles. Yes, that's what we do in our lives, enjoy the most and definitely not care about the rest.

But did you actually rethink about wearing that old weary helmet of your own? Or did you think about wearing your safety belt before you start off your long drive? How many times do we actually think before we hit the roads? That's what I thought of bringing out in my article.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Aisa lagey hai..... (Feels like this)

Yu hin baitha hua
sochta hun ye kal kya hua...
ek pal me saansein tham gayee
 saansein jaise palchiin si....

ab aisa lagey hai ki dil......bas kho gaya
na dekha use, na pehchaan hui...
bas ek halsi si chhuan thi ......
ab aisa lagey hai ke dil....has diya..

                                                     img source :

mausam tha begaana ab suhaana ho chala
paagal mann ab thoda sayana ho chala...
kabhi sapno me socha tha ye
ab hakeekat ho chala........

raaton ko akela sa tha mann
haste hue main ye keh chala...
aisa lagey hai ke yahi hai...
haan yahi hai pyaar.........

Sunday, 6 October 2013

My Love for the Rain

Been a long time since i wrote one of my poems..... Its time to break open those shackles.....Here i come with my series of poems written long back....... This onez called  "my love for the rain"

Incessant drops.....pit patting through window panes....
The Flamboyant rain, expressing its gratitude on humans
Watching out .... and up to the overcast..

Lifez a holocaust without these palpitations running through....
O the lovely weather..... whither are you bound ?
Spreading your tears....and happiness all around.... 

Purifying the soul...the brutality within
The shivering truth.... placing the mutuality within...
Cry o clouds....cry till peace rules... For moments to come...
Never let fear persist and tearing the grim apart....

     img src:

Friday, 20 September 2013

Euro trip Day 2: Vatican museum, Sistine Chapel and Leaning tower of pisa

Hope the teaser did tease you a bit. You can click here to view the teaser :) Here I am with the second day at Italy and the fun filled day 2 of my Euro tour exploring Vatican museum, Sistine Chapel and Leaning tower of pisa.

All of us had started missing the Colosseum and Trevi fountain. And had to get up before the sun did. We woke up at around 6am, had the tasty and healthy continental food. Filled up the tummy with cake , fresh fruits , quick bread and freshly brewed coffee. Had to load up our luggage back into the bus before we left for Vatican city which was about a couple of hours from our hotel. Took a power nap, till we reached Vatican, the smallest country in the world.

When I opened my eyes, I was given a historic welcoming by the huge boundary walls and people queued up around the structure to enter the Vatican museum.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Euro trip Day 2 Teaser : Vatican meuseum , vatican city and Leaning tower of pisa

Hello Friends.....its been some while since I had posted my Euro trip first day experience with you all. Please read through the article if you haven't gone gone through my explorations of  Exploring Colosseum and Trevi Fountain !!

So enjoying the vacations I thought why not start the second day with a photo article teaser for Vatican museum and Leaning tower of Pisa. Here I am with the teaser :)

Vatican is a landlocked sovereign and historical city-state which consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome. Area of 44 hectares and it has been Pope's residence. 
Leaning Tower of pisa or "Torre pendente di Pisa" in Italian one of the wonders of the world is the campanile, or freestanding bell tower, of the cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa, known all around the world for its tilt.

To start off I couldn't resist pulling this panoramic Vatican St Peter square pic from wikipedia  :

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Euro trip starts - Exploring Colosseum and Trevi Fountain !!

Like i promised in my previous post about my Europe trip curtain raiser, here I am to share my experiences in Europe. Check out my previous post if you haven't :)

I had visited to Malaysia and Singapore last year which was my first overseas trip. Exciting enough, I was now visiting Europe, the best ever tourist resorts with some lovely and world famous places like Rome, Pisa , Venice , London etc.

The drizzle outside.....lovely climate

London dreams were about to come true :) Buckle up guys, here we go for the helluva fun.

First destination was Rome and we had to swap airlines as we had a flight via Istanbul. Our flight was due 5:55am @ 06/05/2013.

Shopping , packing and all other stuffs done we left Mumbai at about 6pm in the evening. Reached airport at 12 o clock midnight and we witnessed lot of crowd and long queues to enter the departure. After a couple of more hours of heat and impatient waiting outside, we decide to walk-in the CST interntl' airport at about 2.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Trip of a lifetime, Europe explored !! Curtain Raiser

 Hello there to all my readers and fans. Thanks for showing the continuous love and affection to my Blog "Explore with Achin". It really means a lot to me and within a few months, I have learned a lot and have tried to reach out a lot of audience via my Facebook page and other renovations around my Blog.Time flies like anything.

For many, life is all about the daily locus focus around maintaining a perfect balance between office life and personal life. Many prefer keeping it defensive, many others discover their niche in some of the amazing things unexplored in day to day life and some passionate souls never leaving any stone unturned.

Well its the past which keeps opening your eyes again and again and makes you realize, you still gotta explore a lot in your life !! My second overseas tour (first being Malaysia and Singapore) was the tour to one of the beautiful , historic , chilly cold,  flaunting its fl-aura and fauna , one of the most lovely continent of world, Europe. A couple of weeks and a lot of countries covered by Road. Who could've ever imagined cross country traveling via bus and a view worth watching. This was something special and amazing guys.

And here I am back in India, ready to share my Explorations in Europe. Hop in to witness lovely meadows , ice covered peaks , road trip on worlds best motor-able roads , greenery , landscapes, German cars and yeah nature lovers, hope it takes you more closer to nature.

Come Explore Europe with me !!!        Checkout below the upcoming attraction's precast ->

The Colosseum - Rome

Trivia fountain - Rome


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Living on the edge - My perfect Road Trip

 When i think of a trip, all it makes me fantasize about is lot of Cars, open roads in worlds best ever locations, could be Colorado or Europe, and yeah ample time to chill.
Ahh sorry friends I was lost fantasizing my dream trip :)  !!

Hmm so a perfect road trip , shouldn't be a planned one. Good things always come unplanned. Till date I have experienced some awesome road trips, and Surprisingly all of them were unplanned ;) Of-course the best people on earth to accompany me, my FRIENDS. My perfect road trip gotta be a special one and once in a lifetime experience. So whats going on in my mind ?

Exotic location to explore, a group of unplanned drivers with their mean machines  , exploring minds with a carefree thought, cool breeze blowing across my Bugatti Veyron convertible windshield , fuel filled up to the capacity and an awesome sunny day and yes couldn't miss out our Ambi-Pur  which would make the trip all fresh all day long. All these are the ingredients to my Perfect Road Trip.

I would love to drive on European roads, Innsbruck to be specific. I had been to Europe and have fell in love with their motor-able roads, driving there would be a glide on cake and a dream come true. So a day before we all friends reunite and pack all the necessary gears and kits and buckle up for the next day which is obviously going to be a weekend(considering IT professionals just have the weekend to enjoy).

We would have an early start with full tank and pressure check following proper car guidelines. You gotta enjoy more if you drive comfortably and tension free. So we start off with my Bugatti , a BMW and a Mercedes to catch up sunrise point, with the sun peaking slowly onto the hills, meadows and other living creatures between the valleys. The yellow light, and yeah wouldn't it be awesome to enjoy this treat with some add on of tea :)
Imagine experiencing the Sun slowing coming up spreading the warmth and the yellow honey colored sunlight with a sip of tea.

 This would be followed by a drag through the broader and plain roads at World's most best commutable roads. Being on a constant drive, I seriously would love the aroma inside with Ambi Pur and I cant imagine having a perfect trip without focusing on minute details of making my drive a deluxe one.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

MALSHEJ gHAT Bike trip......

 I am back guys !!! And I start off with my Blog .....with a Bike trip......

It was already 1year since i had last been to Malshej Ghat. Lot of fresh memories and lots of lovely moments spent with my FRIENDS.  Since that time I always had the desire to bike Mashej Ghat yet again. And yes I did , we did it again, with my colleagues and three bikes we went biking on a lovely rainy day. Check out the pics. 

                             My Speedometer .....just before we start the trip

                                   Its all muddy out there in monsoon . Who cares :) 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Stop the Crime against women. Save our women !!

Being in India and talking about violence against Women. My blood boils when I listen to the crime news and about crimes happening against women every other damn minute. It was just a few months ago when the whole world witnessed the gruesome incident of a teenage girl raped in a private bus in Delhi. Now Delhi is being aliased as the crime city of India. Not just Delhi, its everywhere and the crime just doesn't stops to take its toll.

Why, Who , Cause, Reason .....there are hell lot to talk about. Some say its because girls these days have become broad minded and wear clothes which arouse men. Well, its all because of that dirty mind, ignorance and the inhumane nature of few men or animals to put it straight. Yes, there are pros and cons of everything, but why forbid girls from their freedom , "freedom to wear" to be exact. Just because a girl wears a mini skirt doesn't means she is signalling others to advance on her.

Its just because of the mindset of those few guys, who just think women are a thing and not humans. This doesn't stops only with rape. Every other minute a Women in India all over the globe is being harassed by their husbands, female employees being sexually abused for keeping their jobs, child sexual abuse, eve teasing, making contacts in public. There is no end to it.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Road Trip to Harihareshwar 5th - 7th April 2013

It was me who had been given an opportunity to bike a lot ;-) Hell Lot !!!  Calculated roughly - 800kms to bike !!

Since I had opted to ride on my R15, I had to bike to Pune (approximately 200km) on Friday night and had to bike the next day too, along to Harihareshwar with my biker buddy Anupam and his avenger. Though I was super excited thinking about the biking and all, the very thought of getting tired was always behind my mind.

Anyways with all high spirits of another great biking trip I left from office early on Friday (5th Apr) at around 8pm. As per the plan, I had to pick Abinash from his office too. So I picked him up from Andheri (near Mumbai Int'l Airport) and we zoomed our way to Pune. We relished our lovely Mac D dinner on our way. Since it was pretty late, I preferred a speed of  approx 70-80kmph and chit chatted with Abinash all the way to Pune. We enjoyed some breaks at Lonavla, had tea and biscuits watched the train pass by us. After around 4hrs we reached the first destination of the trip i.e. Pune, time was 1am. First things first, I called up my parents to inform them that I reached safely. That is what most of us do quite often :)

Everyone joined in by 2am. By everyone I mean my gang, KB3 as we call ourselves, We were busy sharing jokes and other discussions about tomorrow. We were about to take a cab and two bikes. Me and Anupam were the so called sole bikers and we were suggested to take a good nap before taking the brunt of 4hrs of biking in the hot summer the other day ;)

Next day 6:30am, everyone was ready to leave. The cab had reached as per the time and we were all set to leave for Harihareshwar. We left off Wakad,Pune at 7am with all the checks. Refuelled our bikes and biked our way to SH60. We soon found ourselves riding on the patchy Paud road. While those in the cab enjoyed chocolates , beer , ac and the deluxe comfort, me and Anupam were sweating it out on our bikes ;)

Bright and sunny day

 No complaints, we were the ones loving the cool breeze , lovely hills we were biking besides and we were having our own share of fun. Soon the roads expanded and we were surrounded by crops , hills at some distance and other vehicles whizzing past us.

My R15 with Tamhini Ghats at backdrop

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Trip to Harihareshwar - Prologue

Its been days since we ever had a bike trip !!!! :(  Thats what i pinged my dearest friend Anupam on our official chat application - sametime. We always wanted to have a road trip, a harcore road trip !!! Well not exxagerating on that. We all started off on a light discussion regarding the trip, and we hardly cared until it was Thursday. Till then we felt as if the plan is almost called off until Sunil pinged us on watsapp "Guys this weekend trip is on and we are going". It was all part of Sunil's so called bachelors trip and since i wouldnt make it to his marriage, I was keen on having atleast a small gettogether.

I have hardly been able to meet my gang at Pune because of my office work. Finally we all decided to visit Harihareshwar. Harihareshwar is a town in Raigad district)., in Maharashtra, India.

We were planning to go via SH60, so our route was Paud Road -> Mulshi Road -> Tamhini ghat -> Nizampur -> Mangaon -> Harihareshwar. It was around 173 kms far from Wakad where we had to stay on Friday night @ Sunil's place.

source : google

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