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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Stop the Crime against women. Save our women !!

Being in India and talking about violence against Women. My blood boils when I listen to the crime news and about crimes happening against women every other damn minute. It was just a few months ago when the whole world witnessed the gruesome incident of a teenage girl raped in a private bus in Delhi. Now Delhi is being aliased as the crime city of India. Not just Delhi, its everywhere and the crime just doesn't stops to take its toll.

Why, Who , Cause, Reason .....there are hell lot to talk about. Some say its because girls these days have become broad minded and wear clothes which arouse men. Well, its all because of that dirty mind, ignorance and the inhumane nature of few men or animals to put it straight. Yes, there are pros and cons of everything, but why forbid girls from their freedom , "freedom to wear" to be exact. Just because a girl wears a mini skirt doesn't means she is signalling others to advance on her.

Its just because of the mindset of those few guys, who just think women are a thing and not humans. This doesn't stops only with rape. Every other minute a Women in India all over the globe is being harassed by their husbands, female employees being sexually abused for keeping their jobs, child sexual abuse, eve teasing, making contacts in public. There is no end to it.

Its time to change, and its time to speak up. This applies not only to women but men too. Dont let your boss take an upper hand on you just because you have a job. Its all about yourself. And if someone tries to cross the limits, you have every right to raise your hands against this or inform every other person you could.
I have been in Mumbai since past 3 years and I have seen a lot of instances of women beating up a man or a rowdy who tried to get close to her physically in public. That's when i feel proud. Men who were treated as a symbol of saving women from being harmed are now into these crimes.

There is always a decline of the sex ration in India due to the biased attitude which is meted out to the women. A girl thrown into the rags just because she is considered a problem? Why? In today's century women and men are working shoulder to shoulder. Women are now a part of every other organization, be it defense, software industry,business,sports,housewives. etc. 

And yes, its the attitude that matters. Yes there would be people who say " what would happen if its just me who speaks/rises against the crime". They are the same people who never would have cast their vote for Prime Minister elections. Every drop contributes to ocean.

What I think is, whenever this happens with you, never ever think before slapping the person right-away. Keeping quiet helps these people to commit more crimes. We men need to react before our women are being threatened physically in public and/or in homes.

Educating people is one thing that needs to be fast-tracked everywhere from big cities to small villages. Like we say, an idle mind is a devils workshop. People need to be educated,informed and alerted about the behavior, the respect, the mindset they should have for the fairer sex. 
Be its social networking sites or be it campaigns, one of them being "bellbajao" which works on bringing domestic violence to a halt.

What we forget is the care which we get from our mom when we are in some problem, the support which a wife gives to her husband in happiness and sadness, the trust and happiness a sister gives to a brother, the sweetness and love a girl gives to her lover and the support shown by a female colleague when in office. Coz if crimes wont stop, we would be loosing all this and our Women, and I would conclude by saying

"A world without women is like a barren land. So raise your voice against crime. Save Women !! " 


  1. I agree with you completely. Instead of relying on someone else to protect us, its better we self protect ourselves by becoming strong physically and mentally.

  2. Its true that a woman should raise her voice against crime..but the society drags her down. Its all of us to support the one and to wipe out the crime from our society...

    1. True Zubina... Like i said, if anyone doing any mischief in public is handled by public itself, these animals would fear about thinking about any wrong thing.


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