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Monday, 24 December 2012

Sachin - The God hasnt left namez similar to HIS
Though a cricketer he is titled The God
The elegance in batting still untouched
the legend walks away saying the word

Lots said, commented and felt
Memories of his still unfazed
The master blaster, was the best we knew
the only one having skills which kept us amazed

Piling up the runs, doing with an excellence
The God had kept many bowlers at bay
Some had nightmares of Sachin
some saluted Sachin,their own way

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Mumbai Dairies - Juhu Beach

Hello readers, its been a few years since I am staying here at Mumbai. Suddenly thought of Blogging about the local places I've visited. Starting off with the "Mumbai Dairies" series, the first article is all about my outing to Juhu beach. Read on.......

 It was a fine, sunny Sunday afternoon when we, as usual prepared plans of going to Juhu beach.
Since we had to drop one of our friends to airport, we started off to International Airport and left her happily for Bangalore. Walking our way towards the Western Express Highway we prepared our Juhu beach plan. A few of us opted out coz of some work.Left with me were 4 others.

We walked towards the nearby taxi stand and got a taxi to Juhu beach. The first thing after getting down was having some food to satisfy our Hunger Gods :P :P  hehe .....Anyways what could be better than Mac Donalds burger. I guess all of you would agree that the best n fav fast food for most of us is Mc D. Anyways some burger, coke and french fries were in and now we could concentrate on having fun. 

Again took another taxi finally to Juhu beach and got down to witness cool wind, sun ray , porsche cars n tall hotels and yes the Juhu beach.

For those unaware, Juhu beach is spread across a stretch of approx 6 kms up north in Juhu-Vile Parle area of western suburbs in Mumbai. I had been to Juhu beach thrice i guess and the only thing i hated was its dreggy water but a good crowd. But it’s a good place to visit, especially evenings. We walked through the pathway entering the stretch of Juhu beach. 

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The special day :)

Here comes the day yea yea
the day bringing happiness all d way
feels so special,sighhhh feels so good
wish d day never goes away, this day

Smiles n cheers .....wishes n beers
partying all along...never realised
never realised had so many besides me
so many lovely souls all besides me....

Somewhere feels strange....somewhere i feel alone
:P dont know the happiness....if i really own
forgetting everything apart from smiles
njoying n day passing like miles

Oh God,cant you please freeze this day
and keep the problems far far away, i pray
to njoy the special day till the day end ....
njoy it the till the very last second...

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Trip to Malshej Ghat

28th Friday Mumbai 11am morning:  The weekend plan seemed to work out and i finally succeeded in grabbing a few guys in for our unplanned trip for the weekend. Had been a lot of time since I had hanged out with my friends and actually, visited a cool place.

Friday by one, all my friends came at our get-together spot, my home and all of us started pressurizing our brains for any unique destination. The plan was initially to have a biking trip to Lonavla.....considering we were all biking fans ;)

Next, it was Friday late night 3am and we 4 guys started to freeze a spot for Sat trip. We were in a hell of a confusion.When we stopped thinking about the spot, we started thinking whether or not to have a bike trip or take a cab. came suggestions for Malshej, Divyanagar, Lonavla, Bhimshankar and lots more. We seem to have filtered all Mumbai :)

After 3 hours of brain crushing planning and several arguments, bypass ideas....(urghh dnt mind my grammar)finally the lucky spot chosen by us was Malshej (that's what we call it when we select a place randomly ;)  )

So satisfied with Malshej, we slept off....n woke up @ 8:30am when i heard Anupam shout......should i call the cab ??????

I guess he yelled twice or thrice on us when we finally confirmed to call the cab @ 11:30am. Had to wake up and had to freshen up. All excited we all got ready in time.....joking n discussing something or other. Had bread omelet for breakfast or brunch u can say.

11:30am Saturday  -  we 6 guys were ready to start our trip. But in came the first headache.The innova could take only 6 while we were 7. We had to pickup Sumit on our way :P  oh shit!!!   anyways again our active brains started thinking and we planned to have our pillows and newspapers to prepare a makeshift seat !!!  It was really amazing what we did and yipppee we had 7 in a six seater. What fun before the trip could actually start.

We started off from powai, towards nashik road.

The Route: Powai --> Nashik Road --> Thane - bhiwandi bypass --> vadpe --> shahapur
--> kalyan road --> dombivali --> durgamaata circle --> anupam nagar --> bhawani chowk --> Malshej ghats.

We were having lighter moments.......time was passing like years as the winds blew against my face.Felt as if time should freeze right-away....felt great...such times take you away to some other world.

Anyways back to our trip.....we were having a bumpy ride through Anupam we searched for an atm.....The cab driver was zooming through the humid air and crowded streets. It was a long time after which we were off for a trip and we missed our bikes. We were in the cab with the ac on,
while we wanted to go out and feel the wind.

Once we were out of the crowds, Mother nature greeted us with the serene, calm and greeenery. The cab took pace.....and we all were loving it. We all started singing old songs "bahaaron phool barsao mera mehboob aaya hai" . We were half n hour away from Malshej and we were already loving it. To those new to Malshej, Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range in Pune, Maharashtra, India.  Its all surrounded by hills and greenery.

Back to our trip, the super smooth curvy lanes were awesome, We watched and were all lost in the hills, trying to capture anything and everything we can with our Canon SLR.

It was almost 3pm and the air was all cool. We got off at a curve trying to take snaps of the silver lining of clouds. There were some distant waterfalls which looked like white threads from the distance.


Finally making our way through curves and hilly roads, we reached a tunnel with a lovely spot on the other end. This spot almost at the center spot of Malshej had a thumb like stone in the middle and hills all around.As we stopped, we were surrounded by monkeys. A few other groups were busy with their poses and snaps. The place was beautiful as if it was in the lap of the Malshej ghats.
The next hour was one of the awesome moments of the day.

We enjoyed taking snaps, while other time I watched the flowers , hills , the sunset and was mesmerized. Anyways it was already around 4:30pm , so we headed to the other spot which seemed to be the apex and best of the best spot.

Reaching there in about 15mins or so, we enquired the other visitors if there were any other spots ahead just to cover up all the spots before sunset and we were happy to know that this spot was the only one left.Happily, we got off the cab and walked towards the large stretch of grassland
from where all of Malshej was visible.

The clouds seemed to be at their best making different structures while on the other end the hills looked like portrait. We continued our photo sessions while we had coca cola. Some cool snaps with the moon as well.   At one point we could see the setting sun on our left while on the other end we could see the moon as well.Sounds amazing isnt it?

Trust me, its more amazing when you view it live !!

Malshej was now added to my "to bike list" of places. We had some unforgettable moments and some never before views. All in all it was a great trip. Finally the day came to an end with the sunset and we walked our way to the cab.

We drove our way back to pune in around 3 to 4hrs with the memories fresh in our minds and hearts forever.

Thanks to some of my friends   Sumit , Vivek , Anupam , Sunil  , Debasree, Neha. Specially to the guys for their excellent camera work without which this article wouldn't have been possible.

Guys do visit Malshej and get a chance to come closer to nature.Meet you soon with next trip.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Biker Maniac....

I revved up and became another man
heard my humming baby shine in the tan
sitting on my ride, changed the world around
the roads like racetracks when i look around

Twisted the throttle,lying onto the curve
Never planning a stop,never planning a swerve
The crosswinds did increase at the highway
but my eagle never backing off the pathway

Rubber burning, as we speeded
Engines thundering, the traffic faded
Down the hill or steeper the road
Never slowing a bit....never rising up the dashboard

The zooming winds whistling on my head
the dusty roads, hitting on the red
overtaking the buzzing loads, never stopping a bit
showing all the curves showing all the threat

Be it thunder be it rain, my batteries somewhere never drained
the exhaust roughed the specs, it might let u faint
Down went the curvy roads,as i bent over the lane....
sharp edges are so common, accleration never a pain

my girl what i say her....she is my red eagle
she is faster than u imagine, try shooting a deagle
with scratches all over, she never stops the kill
palpitations running high....she runs at my will

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Femme Fatale Diva

 I am obliged to write this article for the Femme Fatale Inside issue ( of The Lovely Pink Diva Blog.

A special thanks to Deanna Samaan,Editor of  The Lovely Pink Diva.

When it comes to a woman or a girl or a lady - the fairer sex,the one thing that never dies in them is their charm.Every woman has got it. There have always been femme fatale and girls who dont think so should listen to this song too from Selena Gomez which says "Who says youre not perfect, who says youre not worth it" .

Who could best explain their charm and the magnetism they carry, than a man?
So I wanted to dedicate one of my compositions to all the Lovely Divas out there.I have titled it

" Femme Fatale Diva" -

Got pulled towards her? she got the power of a magnet
The woman you gazed,yeah she is really like a drag-net
The palpitations rising,heart taking its toll
oh yes the femme fatale, your heart she stole

She is the creator, she is the destroyer
the venom in her, always tainted his desires
her inner self yeah always very pure
dont lurch on her, might set u on fire

She is winsome and endearing
Call her charming and fascinating
Oh the gorgeous, so divine
Her eyes like jewels
hair just like the black waterfall

cant miss someone's glance, cant miss the adore
The fascinating beauty she always wore
got a question to the world 
you thinking of Ziva?

oh yes,oh yes she is the Femme Fatale Diva

- Achin

Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Stepney Hearts (coolest ones i have)

The feeling,  the feeling, i just cant forget
the pain, the pain , oh no regrets
they took me to the light....and tore me all apart
you smiled at me, and lend the whole heart

I speak, I speak, got lost in the past
the past, oh yeah where happiness did last
the moments, we shared were the best for this life
yeah , I am proud to say u, ur my stepney heart

The close, and funny , superb buddy friend
you never said never, when we were miles apart
threw me to the apex and never looked sad
makes me all proud and tears to add

Life changes colors, the colors
you are monotonous,monotonous just for me
touching the souls, were the spirited guys
the spirited guys who lend me a stepney hart

Tick tock ,tick tock oh baby its time
the moment of truth, the jingling rhyme
never forgetting my other soul,my friends
my buddies who gave me the smile, and to them i say MY STEPNEY HEART <3

Monday, 27 August 2012

Batu Caves and Genting - Day 3 @ Malaysia

Its been just 2 days of my first overseas trip and I couldnt explain how tired I am.......

It was the time to visit the Genting Highlands on the third day.And as informed by our tourist guide, we were to visit Batu Caves and a steel factory, while on our way to Genting.

Having the same time table today as well, after our complementary breakfast we moved to the lobby but this time,with our luggage all packed coz we had to visit Singapore straight from Genting. The guide first drove us to outskirts of Kuala Lumpur (approx 1hour) to get another group
of Indian tourists who were to visit Batu Caves with us.We saw some similar faces.They were the same two ladies who had been with us for the city tour.

Picking them from their hotels, now our cab took some speed as we headed for Batu Caves.On our way, we got the last glance of the Petronas towers,KL tower,Mini India. Seeing them all the 2 days of fun and explorations flashed in front of my eyes.I knew its the last time I am
 getting this treat.....and soon we would be missing KL like anything. A bit emotional.

 After nearly 2 hours of driving, we were surrounded by white mountains on the right side of the roads.It gave a nice green and white look with clouds in the backdrop. Lovely!!!!

 As i was busy taking the snaps of these green covered hills.....a golden figure caught my eyes...WoW i said.. it was the 140ft tall statue of  Lord Murugan which was visible from kilometers away.

 We were at Batu Caves....and the place was looking all devotional and huge. There were Ganesh and Shiva temples which hung an all Indian look.

 The Lord Murugan statue was the main source of interest for all those visiting Batu Caves. From the entrance we could see the entrance shrine all golden in color and the steep staircase leading to Batu Malai Sri Subramaniar Temple inside the Batu Caves.

 I and Dad decided to climb up the stairs to visit the temple, while Mom preferred staying back with the group and visit the Ganesha and Shiva temples.

Taking a few snaps, I and Dad started climbing up. It was really amazing, climbing the stairs and watching up the enormous Batu Caves above.Felt as if I was in the "Man vs Wild" show with Bear Grylls :D :D . Anyways it was a tough steep walk above with a total of 272 steps.

 While on our way up, we came across some notorious monkeys which were targetting the innocent tourists with snacks.Tired and sweaty we reached almost 3/4th of our way up. The view was amazing, the Batu Caves entrance in front and looking behind the Murugan statue with Kuala Lumpur at
 the backdrop. 

We noticed a Black Cave on to our left which was home to some endagered Spiders.We went through only till the ticket counter and returned to Batu Malai Sri Subramaniar Temple as we just had 45mins to reach back to our cab.

 Here comes the best part.As we entered the Batu Caves, we were greeted by devotional song "Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha" and some small shops selling flowers, fruits, photos and other souveniers.

 We moved in the huge cave was a first time experience for me. The caves was all big and dome shaped from inside.Cool fresh wind was circulating inside through an opening at the top. There were statues of various Gods and Goddesses spread all around us.We walked the pathway to reach the main temple which the Batu Caves was holding since years.

 Words are not enough to describe what  felt.....temple in front, an opening in the hill at top with the sun rays trying to tear into the cave.Cool breezee whispering on the face.What more would anyone expect !!!!!

We visited the temple and started walking our back with some rare memories.Unforgettable moments yet again and it wasnt just another day.

 As i walked down the stairs.....i felt overwhelmed.Another superb spot, THE BATU CAVES.

 It was bright and sunny outside.It was somewhere around 12 and we were on our way to Genting Highlands (one of the greatest water parks). It was around 3 hours ride from Batu Caves. Off we went riding steep roads.....and we were surrounded by greenery and cooler winds.

 It was all coniferous forest looking forest.The roads were superb and made me remind of Mumbai Pune expressway."Malaysia is all suprising us"...i thought while watching out of the cab, the tall trees running past us.

 On our way we found more greenery, more signboards, Chin Swee temple and superb cars ;) 

 Finally we came across a Flex banner which was big enough to tell that GEnting is here.And guess what we could still find skyscrapers @ such height.Genting is 2,000 metres above sea level. And we saw a hotel which read "Hotel THeme Park". It had an amazing entrance, just like a fort. To add to this let me explain you more about the Hotels @ Genting.

 Genting was too big (trust me too big) and spread in large width as well.There were two hotels situated @ Genting (interlinked by common pathways).One was Theme Park and the other was Last Word Hotel. The adventure sports which included water sports , riding sports , indoor and outdoor sports , were divided in these two hotels.Our Hotel were near the adventure sports.  We entered the lobby where we were informed that the checkin time was 3pm. It was around 1pm then so we preferred going out to enjoy the adventure sports and then come back later to check in.

 Couldnt believe my eyes as we went out.It was spread around in thousands of acres.The starting was with the joy rides.We covered most of them. The best of all was the heart stopping ride which raised you to feets above and throw you (freefall) straight was thrilling and almost took our hearts out of us....near it was Jurassic Park with water ride and Go Karting as well. We moved to archery section where I tried some of my skills @ archery.Trust me , I hit one @ bulls eye. The trainer was happy with me.... :)

 We tried a few roller coaster rides and then moved to Indoor adventure sports. We entered the Last World which was a treat to eyes. Roamed a lot there. We were a lot tired @ we planned to move back after enjoying some snacks and some window shopping.

 Went back to hotel, where the view from the window was the best. The cloud covered hills and the greenery all in front of your window. Check out the pics. I tried my best to capture each of those moments in soms GBS :)

 We had coffee and took power naps. It was around 8pm when we woke up and thought of moving out. It was really chilly that time.We had to take our jackets with strong cold winds freezing us.Reached to the Last World hotel to see some more of the spectacles and then had dinner. It was tough time searching for veg food for mom. After lot of scanning we got veg burger sections. Had dinner and walked back to hotel.......

 Phew,,,,Day3 was really filled with some adventure and thrills......Loving Malaysia   


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