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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Mumbai Dairies - Juhu Beach

Hello readers, its been a few years since I am staying here at Mumbai. Suddenly thought of Blogging about the local places I've visited. Starting off with the "Mumbai Dairies" series, the first article is all about my outing to Juhu beach. Read on.......

 It was a fine, sunny Sunday afternoon when we, as usual prepared plans of going to Juhu beach.
Since we had to drop one of our friends to airport, we started off to International Airport and left her happily for Bangalore. Walking our way towards the Western Express Highway we prepared our Juhu beach plan. A few of us opted out coz of some work.Left with me were 4 others.

We walked towards the nearby taxi stand and got a taxi to Juhu beach. The first thing after getting down was having some food to satisfy our Hunger Gods :P :P  hehe .....Anyways what could be better than Mac Donalds burger. I guess all of you would agree that the best n fav fast food for most of us is Mc D. Anyways some burger, coke and french fries were in and now we could concentrate on having fun. 

Again took another taxi finally to Juhu beach and got down to witness cool wind, sun ray , porsche cars n tall hotels and yes the Juhu beach.

For those unaware, Juhu beach is spread across a stretch of approx 6 kms up north in Juhu-Vile Parle area of western suburbs in Mumbai. I had been to Juhu beach thrice i guess and the only thing i hated was its dreggy water but a good crowd. But it’s a good place to visit, especially evenings. We walked through the pathway entering the stretch of Juhu beach. 

The open stretch of sand like a mirror reflecting the sky , the sea everywhere the vision goes......and sun rays making its way through the clouds. I loved the view. The pics would definitely make you all go wowwww !!!!!

As usual, such a superb atmosphere and it was time for snaps. We 5 guys were all busy posing for pics. Preferring to stay away from water, we did got our feets wet and then made our way to the first kulfi (ice cream) stall. Licked it till the wooden taste :) 

In India, you would always find photo services being offered. Much better than FedEx as well. We had our official pic taken and got the same developed in half n hour. Really special for first time goers, I hardly spent so much time at Juhu beach. Earlier two trips had been quick and next to zero.

Anyways, after paying off for the pic we walked towards the game stalls setup nearby on the beach. All the games were the typical "throw the ring and take the one it encircles" type. Though we were aware that we won’t be able to get one, we tried desperately for a few tries but we rather proved our own point and got none. We (Sunil, Sumit, Vivek, Debasree and myself) tried giving our own scientific reason as to why the game never had luck for the customers (after all we are IT professionals).
The balloon stalls took my attention. There were different types of balloon stalls. Round, oval, human like figures, aliens……there were lots of varieties. There was this woman who was busy designing it and I took a close look.  And I was lost in thoughts. They work so hard and earn so less for their living. Anyways life has a different acceptance for them .

Moving on, it was time for snacks. And all we could see is were only food stalls in front of us. With the sun setting down, we ate whatever we could. Juice , spicy foods (paani puri, chaat), coconut water, ice creams, ……….man we were so hungry. So hungry that we didn’t care about the time and kept our mouths busy.
It was evening 6pm and we were busy eating and chit chatting. We were a bit tired coz we were continuously walking since afternoon.  And we started thinking!!!!  Wish we had a bed sheet or something to sit down and relax ourselves. :D :D  There was a lot of crowd in the beach since afternoon and it increased as time passed. 

We continued to share jokes, and had a good time shouting and watching the dusk set in. It was almost 6pm!!!  I shouted as I had a look at my wristwatch. And we planned to return back to our hive, just like birds who after searching for food all day return back to their nests.
Finally another superb evening in Mumbai with friends. Somewhere I was fully content and started quoting within myself “It’s really fun when friends are around. Though at times you fight and quarrel, but for some time just forget it and have fun, smile, laugh ……..thats life” That was Juhu beach trip for you all……...hope u all loved this J
Catch ya soon…………….


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