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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Malaysia City Tour - Day -2

Dt: 12th June 2012 Plc: Kuala Lumpur

Well its already day-3  6:45pm at Genting, but i was all tired yday to type on something :P :P  Anyways to start off around Day-2 which included half day city(Kuala Lumpur) tour, we woke up

early morning all excited for the city tour......with caps and shades all ready, we moved to the Cafe to have our we entered, we were surrounded by a mixed group of ppl from all around the world....some frm Malaysia, some from China......Pakistan, Quwait...n yes Indians, good in number.

It was all a buffet system......and you had hundreds of items to choose from. I tried to have a combination of veg and nonveg, however I was conscious whether I was the only one taking so much of stuffs :D :D

Took a plate and scrolled my eyes all around......took some chicken curry and sausage. From veg, they had idli,upma, sambhar and many more. I missed Punjabi items though. Picking up my share, I moved to my table to join my parents in the lovely breakfast which was rather converted to brunch by me.

We all had breakfast which was tasty and simple, without much of spices and chilli....Wondered if that was what made the localites lean. Anyways we had our breakfast and gathered at the lobby to wait for our driver.After 15mins of waiting, we heard a sounth-indian voice to see a telugu looking for us.It was Balakrisha, our driver cum tour guide for the day. We were accompanied by other two Indian groups too.

Starting our city tour, our guide drove us to Golden Triangle, a famous pic-taking spot, where we had to take pics with twin tower.

As parking wasnt allowed around twin towers, ppl chose that spot for photoshoot with the Petronas tower......Everyone spread across the Golden Triangle junction to utilise 10 crucial minutes to capture the most.We almost used to get a neck sprain all the time we used to see the apex of the skyscrapers.This was the first time we got a good chance to take the pics with petronas towers.

Moving on to our next spot, which was King's palace, our guide gave us a lot of information about the King which was chosen in Malaysia to rule for five years, just to maintain the custom which was going on since there forefathers. He said that there were 5 to 8 kings which were chosen and after every five years a new king was chosen.

A new king used to stay at this King's palace where we made a visit.Two of Kings guards stood right in front of the main gate to guard KIng's palace.We were allowed only outside the premises which had a royal look.

From there we visited the KL botanical gardens, which was spread in a big perimeter.We were to visit the War Memorial and Bird sanctuary , which were a part of the botanical garden. Malaysia was all clean and the gardens had some great view of how Malaysians keep their city clean and green and safe.As said by Balakrishna , at Malaysia, people were the police.

We reached the War Memorial and took quick snaps of all the statues and waterfalls which were a treat to the eye.After this we went to the bird sanctuary.And the best part was that a very very big part of the jungle was covered by net to keep the birds within the range. And it was one of the largest covering. As we were informed, when Malaysians need to watch birds, they dont go to zoo, rather they bring them into the city. The flaura and fauna brought right into the middle of the city was amazing and appreciated.

Our tourist guide and driver Balakrishna was a great man.He told a lot of facts about Malaysia.I would love to mention some facts by Malaysia point by point as shared by him:

1) Malaysian literacy is 65%
2) Here at Malaysia, ppl need to beware of bag snatchers.There is an enormous economical stability here, but the reason of lot of chain snatchers is lot of immigrants around world come to Malaysia and you never know that it might happen with you the very next second.
3) Some months from now, Malaysia too would be having bullet trains.
4) There is a large amount of drug dealers here in Malaysia.Drug dealers are rather hanged to death than being prisoned as they are considered pests for Malaysia :P:P
5) 10% of malaysians are Indians

After the last spot for the city tour, we headed our way back to our Hotel (The GRand seasons) with fond memories of Kuala Lumpur and some facts about Malaysia all fresh at heart.We fortunately got a south indian hotel "Shalimar Hotel" with the help of Balakrishna where we had planned our lunch.

We reached our room, where I decided to have a plunge at the swimming pool which was at 11th floor of the hotel.Sounds real cool right ? ;-)  

I tried some of my swimming skills and soon Dad joined me.This was the first time when he was in the swimming pool. I taught Dad some of the basic swimming lessons while Mom took our snaps. We all were fresh again and we moved towards the Shalimar hotel where we had Masala Dosa and orange juice. Dosas are available worldwide !!

After the lunch, we moved back to our hotel and took a long nap.

We woke up at 7pm to find that we were a bit late.Had actually planned to visit the Petronas tower by 6pm.Anyways we got ready in a hurry and took the mono rail from Chow kit (the place where we stayed) to Bukit Nanas (where the PEtronas tower actually was). We reached Bukit Nanas which was 2 stations away and we took to the roads.The roads had a kind of Indian look with hung up lights from the trees and all decorated hotels.

Finally we reached Petronas tower where a healthy crowd was all visiting and endorsing them.It was really awesome and it was a great view. Certainly a not to missed place in the world, PEtronas Towers were all shining. All the glaze and an awesome surrounding.The time to visit the top floors were 9 to 9pm. But we were still happy to know that we could visit till 4th floor.Floor 1 to 4 were filled with malls which had international brand shops. Gucci, Titano, Harley Davidson bikes, Canon , Esprit .....and lots more.......

I was lucky enough to visit the Harley Davidson bike store at 3rd floor and felt one of the HDs for the first time. THe cost of one of the bike was approx 150000 RM, which made it 15lakh ruppees. :D  All the gadgets were cool and rocking.

With a nice stroll around, we explored almost all the floors and made our way to the backside of the towers where we could see musical fountains playing on. There was a cool crowd enjoying and acknowledging the same. We too enjoyed it for sometime and then we returned back toi Bukit Nanas mono rail station and returned back to Chow kit.

Reached Chow kit to find only one hotel open. It was Sahara Hotel , run by some Pakistanis and Indians. We were hungry and what best than Chicken kebab which tasted nice. After our dinner we thanked those guys and came back to our hotel.

Day-2 was all busy and tiring too.However we had some great sites to visit and good food too.....Feeling all satisfied,....

Some pics ----- >

To be continued ......


  1. Nice blog acin and interesting facts about Kuala Lumpur

  2. Thanks a lot ......

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    1. thanks a lot Andi....and good to know that you read my articles :)


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