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Sunday, 12 August 2012

First foreign trip to Malaysia .....the day it all started

Day: 9th June and 10th June  Plc: Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur

All excited for my South Asia trip to Malaysia and Singapore I came to Pune to join my parents in all the packing and money transfers. It was Saturday morning and we had to transfer amounts, get Malaysian Ringgit and Singaporean dollar.
To add to the comfort, dad informed me that he had already bought the Malaysian Ringgit. So we were left with only a few last minute or the last day stuffs ;)  

We started with the ounces one by one. Went to the near by Money Transfer branch to get the Malaysian Dollars.The following were the buy and sell rates @ the counter  :

Singapore Dollars : buy @ 47 and sell @ 39.75

not sure of the Malaysian Ringgit.

This was the first time when I was seeing and getting hold of the Malaysian and singapore currencies. Felt great and felt unique.Had heard lot of guys visiting onsite, and other overseas locations.Really a dream come true.

Anyways finally the D-day came tomorrow....the 9th of June. And me , me with my parents left for Mumbai International Airport. Our flight 9W4211 was due for departure at 11:55pm from the International Airport.As we moved on to check-in, we heard rain drops falling on the roof. Monsoon had just started in Mumbai and we were all in great mood to start off our trip.We checked in and had our Immigration check done.

It was 11pm and we heard the announcement for all passengers to board the flight.We moved on board and relaxed ourselves for the 4hr 40min duration to KL Int airport. Malaysian time was 2 to 3hrs ahead, so while it was 1am @ mumbai , it was 3am at kuala lumpur.

We reached KL Int airport at 7:30am local time and got down searching for baggage reclaim.But we were mixed up with the display boards, all in malaysian language :P :P   Finally we got the help of customer care section to know that we had to take a train which would take us to another terminal where we had to get the immigration verified and reclaim our luggage.

After getting our luggage back we moved out to the Exit, to see the travel agency guys holding the placard of dads name.The alloted a driver to us, who was a malaysian, however his grand parents were from south India.He explained us about our three day trip and gave us important tickets and documents for the same.It was an hour drive to our hotel.We saw the awesome n flat malaysian roads.....with cool cars flying on top speeds.However i saw only a few sports bike.We reached The Grand Season Int hotel which was an awesome hotel, one of the best i have seen,with lavish lobbies and custom swimming pool and wifi facility.We were welcomed by our receptionist Li Ham,who guided us to our hotel room.

We entered our classic room and kept our luggage and threw ourselves on bed as we were all tired coz of no sleep during our flight journey.Looked out of my window to see the swimming pool view and the malaysian buildings.The petronas tower was about 6km from our hotel.However we didnt get to see them from my window view :)

We took a long nap of about 4hrs and then got ready to check out the local shops and to get a feel of malaysia.Moved out to see the skyscrapers and capture the overhead trams which were a dream at mumbai.We kept walking on the lanes and tried to find an indian hotel.Walking a bit further, we gave up and went out to comfort ourselves and our tummies at a local snacks shop.We ordered for noodles, pineapple juice and tea.It was really funny explaining out to the waiter how we wanted only chicken in our noodles and nothing else !!  :D :D  

This guy who took our orders used to respond by showing a thumbs up everytime he clearly understood us and vice versa.....the food was good and spicy and the tea was flavoury.....The guy enquired about us and was happy to know that we were from India. Our total bill was about 23genting and 30cents...sounds a bit sasta na ?  :)  His name was Shahrul, we almost heard it as Shahrukh to which he blushed a lot .....after all King Khan was famous all over........bidding him bye we came back to our hotel to do a bit of shopping and got a few mementoes.

Came back to out hotel rooms and were happy with the first day roaming........and started packing up for next day city visit.As i am writing this, mom n dad are busy calculating about the remaining Gentings and our plan and expectations......

Its 12am night......and I am all excited for tomorrow.....lets hope that we get to visit the Petronas tower and the KL tower........ :) Good night guys ...


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