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Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Stepney Hearts (coolest ones i have)

The feeling,  the feeling, i just cant forget
the pain, the pain , oh no regrets
they took me to the light....and tore me all apart
you smiled at me, and lend the whole heart

I speak, I speak, got lost in the past
the past, oh yeah where happiness did last
the moments, we shared were the best for this life
yeah , I am proud to say u, ur my stepney heart

The close, and funny , superb buddy friend
you never said never, when we were miles apart
threw me to the apex and never looked sad
makes me all proud and tears to add

Life changes colors, the colors
you are monotonous,monotonous just for me
touching the souls, were the spirited guys
the spirited guys who lend me a stepney hart

Tick tock ,tick tock oh baby its time
the moment of truth, the jingling rhyme
never forgetting my other soul,my friends
my buddies who gave me the smile, and to them i say MY STEPNEY HEART <3


  1. Lovely Poem Achin..Thanku for the dedication :) u have a nice way of putting words ;)

  2. Thanks Basmah....thanks for your comments..... :)


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