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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Cant 4get those exciting days
Each memory flashing before n says
This was life and this was it.
Here is where our life lays.

Wish I cud stop time and go back to past,
My heart strives but reaches nowhere.
Bunking classes n enjoin with frens
Can we get back those days again?

One life ends and the other gazes,
But life here was the best embrace
The best days of ma life,
The only NIST where we were all.

Going to the labs was what we all hated,
Morning classes had us on our toes.
Reaching to class half n hour late
N behaving as if we were first to gate

I-card were kept in pockets,
Until our eyes rises
To see padhy sir entering the scene
Now was the beginning of spleen.

Still I laugh thinking about those days
Going to gumti and speaking bout d pain.
Evry1 had something to share
With cigarettes n chai everywhere
NIST wasn’t spared and every1 gave a glare.

Library was our hideout,
Time to chat and discuss whereabouts
Playing song on mobile and copying assignment
Life was still fun and the best.

Couples had a gud time near rock garden
The singles (like me) had a lot to comment
A guy n a gal can never be frens
That’s the motto we liked to say to them.

What to say bout d internals,
1hr was too much to spare,
“Take lite” we used to say,
Sometimes even sitting for exam was HELL.

Project,Seminar and still EDC to come,
Tension was all there when we wanted fun.
Semesters are to be thought of just a week b4,
We watched a few movies n even more.

Back at hostel food is hell
With mixed vegetable (ghaanta) always served
We never got as to why we pay.
Bihari dhaba was there at rescue,
So ghanta was served to just a few

Still lukin back ma heart skips a beat,
To think about leaving this college after few week
Will miss my frens and everyone here
May be we will never be able to meet but,
Hum hain rahi pyaar ke
Phir milenge chalte chalte………………..


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