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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Femme Fatale Diva

 I am obliged to write this article for the Femme Fatale Inside issue ( of The Lovely Pink Diva Blog.

A special thanks to Deanna Samaan,Editor of  The Lovely Pink Diva.

When it comes to a woman or a girl or a lady - the fairer sex,the one thing that never dies in them is their charm.Every woman has got it. There have always been femme fatale and girls who dont think so should listen to this song too from Selena Gomez which says "Who says youre not perfect, who says youre not worth it" .

Who could best explain their charm and the magnetism they carry, than a man?
So I wanted to dedicate one of my compositions to all the Lovely Divas out there.I have titled it

" Femme Fatale Diva" -

Got pulled towards her? she got the power of a magnet
The woman you gazed,yeah she is really like a drag-net
The palpitations rising,heart taking its toll
oh yes the femme fatale, your heart she stole

She is the creator, she is the destroyer
the venom in her, always tainted his desires
her inner self yeah always very pure
dont lurch on her, might set u on fire

She is winsome and endearing
Call her charming and fascinating
Oh the gorgeous, so divine
Her eyes like jewels
hair just like the black waterfall

cant miss someone's glance, cant miss the adore
The fascinating beauty she always wore
got a question to the world 
you thinking of Ziva?

oh yes,oh yes she is the Femme Fatale Diva

- Achin

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