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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Euro trip starts - Exploring Colosseum and Trevi Fountain !!

Like i promised in my previous post about my Europe trip curtain raiser, here I am to share my experiences in Europe. Check out my previous post if you haven't :)

I had visited to Malaysia and Singapore last year which was my first overseas trip. Exciting enough, I was now visiting Europe, the best ever tourist resorts with some lovely and world famous places like Rome, Pisa , Venice , London etc.

The drizzle outside.....lovely climate

London dreams were about to come true :) Buckle up guys, here we go for the helluva fun.

First destination was Rome and we had to swap airlines as we had a flight via Istanbul. Our flight was due 5:55am @ 06/05/2013.

Shopping , packing and all other stuffs done we left Mumbai at about 6pm in the evening. Reached airport at 12 o clock midnight and we witnessed lot of crowd and long queues to enter the departure. After a couple of more hours of heat and impatient waiting outside, we decide to walk-in the CST interntl' airport at about 2.

Check-in , immigration , security check done !!  and we threw ourselves at waiting area of Gate no 8 where we had to board our Turkish bound aircraft to Istanbul. Our eyes scanned the airport for our fellow Indian tourists and our trip leader. Searching them successfully minutes before we boarded our flight and feeling content. As our flight took off from Mumbai our trip to Rome started. It was a six hours flight to Istanbul first where we had to switch flight for Rome.

We enjoyed the trip with drinks and meal.Turkish meal (chicken with olive oil , bread and cheese)tasted awesome. After the brunch, all of us surfed through new movies and later had a good nap and woke up in intervals to confirm if we are in Istanbul .

After 6hrs of journey, the flight touched the Istanbul airstrip at 12:00am local time. Our flight to Rome was scheduled at 2pm. We got fresh and brushed our teeth at the airport itself ;) This was all my first hand experience of long flight and getting fresh at airport. Anyways we had a good time chit chatting with our fellow travelers and again boarded our next flight to Rome.

Rome always historical with any structure.

Got down at Rome and it was chilly weather with some drizzling rainfall outside. We had to walk for about half n hour to our tour bus where we loaded our luggage. "Phew that was tiring already !!!!", I thought as half of the day was already over and we were yet to see one of the eight wonders of the World.

walking our way towards one of the wonders :)

After about half n hour we reached Colosseum which looked similar to the pics I had seen online. It was huge and ecstatic. As we got down at Colosseum, one of the 7 wonders of the world where we met our cute tour guide Elasia. She smiled and greeted us and soon introduced us to Rome and its history. Colosseum had an interesting story of its own.

Was an amazing rendezvous with Colosseum!!

me with my mom - the best pic

I took all possible snaps from my Canon SLR, and in came stories of the movie Gladiator and all about Prisoners of the war where the prisoners were made to fight with tigers,crocodiles, etc . If they win they were given freedom, if they loose, they DIE !!  I could visualize all the scenes from the movie Gladiator. It started raining heavily now and we took shelter under some structure and listened to Elasia.

Elasia going through the architectural explanation in Italian :)
THE Colosseum

While Elasia spoke about Romans and the historical importance of The Colosseum , I was lost thinking how things would've been back then, warriors in all their war suits, with swords having a story of their own victories. Soldiers galloping and taking the best take at the security. Forts, palaces and architectural brilliance.

Living in a Roman empire, the common people. Kings and queens, and the grand show of death. Rome was all about history and here I was standing at the same place where once people cheered the Prisoners of war who fought the other unmatched creations.

I came out of my day dreaming with a voice from behind " Hey, save your camera lens, the rains would spoil it". I realized it was raining heavily now and I stood out getting wet while others had almost reached another exit. We had missed our umbrellas back in India. Little had we thought that it might rain in the Europe which is famous for its uncertain weather.

After enjoying one of wonders of the world, we headed to Trevi fountain. We walked the streets of Rome and reached the Trevi fountain which was famous for wishes coming true on throwing a coin above shoulders.

At the Trevi Fountain
The structures back from the History

We also enjoyed ice-creams across the road after which we reunited and again walked our way back to our Bus. We witnessed some churches on our way back and also the busy streets of Rome. Wish life could just stop there or may be we get lost in Rome and never return back. It was mesmerizing, and we were totally bowled over.

It was quite cold outside. Later that day we had our dinner at an Indian hotel where we enjoyed Indian meal and coke. After the Dinner we checked in at Hotel Idea where we slept off, to wake up for the next trip to Vatican city.

I hope you all loved the day 1 trip , though I have a few selection of words which could describe the spots :) 

If not, hope my next article on Vatican city amuses you and matches your expectations. Till then keep exploring !! 


  1. Thanks for taking at nice places that's knowledgeable and historical as well. Thanks for taking up suggestion.
    Keep it up.

    1. Thanks Monika. I am always open to suggestions :) Thanks for your comment


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