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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Adventure & SAFETY


You might find this article an offbeat one, comparing it to my other articles. Yes, that's what we do in our lives, enjoy the most and definitely not care about the rest.

But did you actually rethink about wearing that old weary helmet of your own? Or did you think about wearing your safety belt before you start off your long drive? How many times do we actually think before we hit the roads? That's what I thought of bringing out in my article.

Yes, exploring, adventure and fun that's truly important. But I really feel that importance should be given to riding kit and safety precautions before you leave for your Explorations.

The other day I was watching 127 hours, where the protagonist recalls every possible safety precautions which he missed out on. That's the first thing to watch out for. And yes, when I am saying this, its just not about the bikers, its for every other nomad-traveler who commutes anywhere or everywhere throughout the globe without missing out on safety measures.


I get a bit emotional talking about my dear friend, who lost his life in a road accident, even though he was wearing a helmet. Though life has been fortunate for many of us, lets not regret anything or give it a reality check. Instead make sure you wear a proper riding kit when you bike or try out some stunts and trust me its cool,make sure you have that safety belt on while driving a four wheeler. Traveling nearby?

"Still take the precaution, coz uncertainty doesn't wait for circumstances"

And yes, when I am talking about safety measures, it also includes taking an extra bottle of water when you're trekking, or that compass and map which isn't that heavy to carry around, or even those medicines which might not look needy, but you just shouldn't ignore these on an adventure trip.

Yeah, I wouldn't forget to Bear Grylls from the famous "Man vs Wild" who never forgets taking any kit with him which would be helpful or has any possibilities. The knife , charger , water and yes helmets , puncture kit for Bikers too.

A brief suggestion to conclude this article is to please spend that extra bucks and have your own safety gear and yes make sure Safety comes first.

Stay safe and KEEP EXPLORING FRIENDS....... :)  also Follow my Blog with Bloglovin



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