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Monday, 16 December 2013

Mumbai - The City Never Sleeps

How many of us have made plans, which were never planned of. Don't get confused, let me start off with one of such numerous occasions which happened this weekend.

This Sunday i.e. on 15th night I was awake late night till early morning 4am when I and my roomie thought about having a walk to nearby Borivali station to have a cup of tea.

We started from my rented flat in Mumbai walking in the cool, chilly and deserted road. Reaching station, our almost chapped lips found some relief with the cup of hot tea. " Been 4yrs in Mumbai and I havent yet visited Marine drive early morning", I said. This thought came randomly and I asked my roomie Venkat if we could go to Marine drive. And Venkat said " lets go". We boarded a 4:30am train to Church-gate. And on the way we kept laughing about the last minute plan to take a walk at marine drive. We reached Churchgate station in an hour and filled up our tummy with nice omelet pao.

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