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Sunday, 11 May 2014

A friend indeed

When the blood would tear its way out of my eyes
and the pain within me subsides.... 
    That day my fren you would realize it and be glad,
    the warmth of the bloody ol fren u had

The dust we both once had a bite of....
still speaks of the adventures and our lay offs
    The wound still speaks of the fall we had
    You're there, up there safe and its my duty to ward


 The shoulder is now no more, 
Armour tethered once, now a mere symbol of gore
    The fist we pumped together once, is now for each other
    This dismal weather, gotta end forever

The friend who stood besides for a fren indeed 
Was the only saviour after God, beneath..... 
    Those die hard moments and memories to cherish
    Never should they die....never perish ....


  1. Nice one Achin.. Feel good poem. Keep up the good work!!


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