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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Amazing Journey - Down Under and Kiwis

Hi folks, I would like to share my amazing ( i wish i could add more A's to the word ;) ) trip to Australia and New Zealand. Returned just a week ago, and it was fun-filled and a once in a lifetime journey down under. And yes, it wasn't just about the kangaroos and kiwis, it was about koalas , beautiful and exotic locations, cool weather and yes quality time with my parents.

Having been to Europe last year, i compared Aus-NZ with Switzerland and kept thinking that it would be having something share to bestow on me. But with this low hope, when I landed there, I was spell bound by the places, the people I met there and the history of these two places.

Rich in culture and diversity, the Aussies and Kiwis loved Indian food !! This came as a surprise to us and we were quite mesmerized by the hospitality and care we got from them. Our journey from the lovely beaches, beautiful landscapes in Australia to the snow covered peaks, calm city and widespread farms in New Zealand, not to forget my first ever rendezvous with kangaroos and kiwis were just breath taking.

Accompanied by my parents, I wish this lovely journey to one of the beautiful yet advanced places on Earth, would never have ended within a couple of week. Having said this, there are still lots and lots of memories to cherish and lots to share, but in the upcoming posts.

 Just like they say,  
                               A journey ends, and another begins !!

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