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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Euro trip starts - Exploring Colosseum and Trevi Fountain !!

Like i promised in my previous post about my Europe trip curtain raiser, here I am to share my experiences in Europe. Check out my previous post if you haven't :)

I had visited to Malaysia and Singapore last year which was my first overseas trip. Exciting enough, I was now visiting Europe, the best ever tourist resorts with some lovely and world famous places like Rome, Pisa , Venice , London etc.

The drizzle outside.....lovely climate

London dreams were about to come true :) Buckle up guys, here we go for the helluva fun.

First destination was Rome and we had to swap airlines as we had a flight via Istanbul. Our flight was due 5:55am @ 06/05/2013.

Shopping , packing and all other stuffs done we left Mumbai at about 6pm in the evening. Reached airport at 12 o clock midnight and we witnessed lot of crowd and long queues to enter the departure. After a couple of more hours of heat and impatient waiting outside, we decide to walk-in the CST interntl' airport at about 2.

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