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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Euro Trip Day 3 : Florence & Venice Island

It was 8th May, and our usual daily schedule of early morning wake up, breakfast and leaving for a superb destination.

 This time it was Venice. Its called the most romantic place on Earth. All it made me visualize it till today was islands , romance and gondolla rides. Makes some romantic song jingle in your mind hmmm ??  Well it was beyond expectation and me being single, I guess I couldn't make it a 100% enjoyable :D  Just kidding...

On the way to Venice we did got to see beautiful view of Florence which was amazing. Though we had to manage with the distant view, that enough was a treat to watch. 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Adventure & SAFETY


You might find this article an offbeat one, comparing it to my other articles. Yes, that's what we do in our lives, enjoy the most and definitely not care about the rest.

But did you actually rethink about wearing that old weary helmet of your own? Or did you think about wearing your safety belt before you start off your long drive? How many times do we actually think before we hit the roads? That's what I thought of bringing out in my article.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Aisa lagey hai..... (Feels like this)

Yu hin baitha hua
sochta hun ye kal kya hua...
ek pal me saansein tham gayee
 saansein jaise palchiin si....

ab aisa lagey hai ki dil......bas kho gaya
na dekha use, na pehchaan hui...
bas ek halsi si chhuan thi ......
ab aisa lagey hai ke dil....has diya..

                                                     img source :

mausam tha begaana ab suhaana ho chala
paagal mann ab thoda sayana ho chala...
kabhi sapno me socha tha ye
ab hakeekat ho chala........

raaton ko akela sa tha mann
haste hue main ye keh chala...
aisa lagey hai ke yahi hai...
haan yahi hai pyaar.........

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