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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Euro Trip Day 3 : Florence & Venice Island

It was 8th May, and our usual daily schedule of early morning wake up, breakfast and leaving for a superb destination.

 This time it was Venice. Its called the most romantic place on Earth. All it made me visualize it till today was islands , romance and gondolla rides. Makes some romantic song jingle in your mind hmmm ??  Well it was beyond expectation and me being single, I guess I couldn't make it a 100% enjoyable :D  Just kidding...

On the way to Venice we did got to see beautiful view of Florence which was amazing. Though we had to manage with the distant view, that enough was a treat to watch. 

We reached to Tronchetto in about 3-4hrs at around 4pm. We took our sea taxi to San Marco , the Venice island. It had the lovely buildings and Tomb of the king and the dome structure called San Marco. We passed by some motor boats. We also had a round of Antakshri where the superactive elder people in our group sung songs from 60s-70s.

As we reached the world heritage site The Venice Island, we were instructed by our tour leaders to be quick and take snaps only during Gondolla rides. We had 1 and a half hours with us for Gondolla ride as well as orientation. We walked our way to Gondolla ride, while I took all my time to capture the romantic city/island in my camera.

 The view was amazing, it was quite hot and sunny, there were some lovely potraits being sold on the pathway, it was rather an unusual sight to see most of the tourists accompanied by their pets.

While some had cute adorable little puppies, some had their feirce bull dogs with them. And when it came to shopping for ladies, there were guys from Africa, who were selling Gucci bags in 25 Euros. Take my bargain rate, 11 euros is the exact amount to buy the bag ;)

As we walked to the Gondolla ride section, our tour leaders informed us about the Venice island, that it was sinking bit by bit everyday and someday (may be in a 100yrs or so) Venice would all go under the water someday. That made me think, how lucky i was to be there.....the island now called the romantic site in the world...would lie beneath some years gone !! This world is really uncertain. Wondered if years later people would go under water diving to visit Venice island.

Anyways we got seated (6 in one gondolla) and started our Gondolla ride as the boat navigator started to row our Gondolla.

 Sit back and enjoy the Gondolla ride at the most romantic location on Earth !!!

The guy whistled all the way between the Venice town which made me wonder why Venice has played an important role in the history of symphonic and operatic music.

 Believe me it was more exciting and awesome than what you might have see on Google or Discovery channel. As we passed through the streets and shops, we took snaps and used to wave off to the onlookers.......Venice was treating me with a once in a lifetime feeling.

After about 45mins of lovely Gondolla ride, we reached back to our starting point where we had to get off the Gondolla. I didnt wanted to get off the Gondola...Did you all like it too ?

A guy helped us get out of the Gondolla safely and we acknowledged him, dropping 2euros in his hat for the tip. Talking about tip, its a must give when you're in Europe.

We walked our way back to where we boarded our sea taxi with fond memories of Gondolla and the beautiful island called Venice.

 On our way back we realized that a family from our group was lost when we had boarded Gondolla ride and they were waiting at the same point where we had to get the same sea taxi. We were happy that atleast they made it on time and were not lost. Getting lost in Venice island is like finding a needle in a heap of sand.

We took our sea taxi back to Tronchetto where after freshening up we took our bus to Padova for a delicious food at Hotel Krishna and then bedtime at hotel Tulip Inn @ 10pm.

Hope you guys loved the pictorial views of Venice and I am sure this time you all enjoyed too.....
I would be back soon with Day 4 of my Euro trip :)

Till then.... Have fun & keep Exploring & Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  1. Awww the place is so lovely!!!!! I loved all the pics.. Its now one of my dream destinations and hope I visit it before it sinks under water :)

    1. Yea Nithi....I agree this place is lovely n calm.....Though i didnt love it when i reached there......but its history and Gondolla ride took my breath away.... Definitely a must visit :)

  2. so lovely! i want to go there too <3

    1. Hey Gabrielle.... :) yes you should go there....its awesome.....Thanks for your comments and thanks for following "Explore with Achin" ...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot Mastur :) It was indeed a beautiful place.


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